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Join our team where your expertise, passion and skills help individuals, families and communities move to a place of hope, healing, and growth.  

Available Jobs


POSITION:  Lived Experience Support Manager

STATUS: Full-Time Exempt

The Lived Experience Support Manager (LESM) plays a pivotal role in orchestrating, overseeing, and assessing all initiatives within program domains geared towards fostering resilience and continuity for individuals across various life stages, including children, adults, families, and broader community networks. Central to their responsibilities is the delivery of tailored and personalized programs and assistance, finely attuned to the unique requirements of each child and family. In addition to this, the LESM holds the mandate to supervise a diverse team comprising direct employees, contracted personnel, and volunteers, offering mentorship and direction to Lived Experience Navigators (LEN) and program facilitators, thereby ensuring the seamless execution of support services.


POSITION:  Therapist (W4 and 1099 Employee)

Are you a compassionate and adept therapist seeking a fulfilling path in mental health? Genesys Solutions invites you to be part of our team, where you can positively impact the lives of individuals grappling with mental health challenges. We're actively seeking therapists committed to delivering exceptional care to our clients and communities. If you're passionate about making a meaningful difference, connect with us to explore our available positions and the fulfilling responsibilities that come with them. Join us in shaping a brighter future for those in need.

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