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We strive for five-core excellence and professionalism for all clients by committing to the following values:

  • ANTICIPATING the needs of our customers and planning accordingly

  • COMMUNICATING honestly, courteously, and knowledgeably

  • INTERACTING promptly, cheerfully, and respectfully

  • LISTENING carefully and considering the requests and concerns of clients

  • SERVING with pride, commitment, and with high ethical standards

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“Our business success is based on partnerships that value our five-core client approach - Anticipating, Communicating, Interacting, Listening and Serving ”

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Chantel Beckwith - Certified Facilitator (Preventure, Strengthening Families, Too Good For Drugs and Violence)

Tamara Green - Certified Facilitator (Strengthening Families and Too Good for Drug and Violence)

Jennifer Weir-Harden - Clinical Social Worker

Michaelangelo McClendon - FST, HAB and Certified Facilitator (Preventure, Strengthening Families, Too Good for Drugs and Violence)

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